Rain, moisture, and hand-washing your vehicle is acceptable. Air pressure caution: Keep your windows rolled down an inch or two for the first 24 hours to prevent air pressure from causing the adhesive to leak. Tape removal: Leave retention tape on for 24 hours after windshield replacement.

The tape is there just to prevent the windshield from sliding down or moving after the sealant has been applied.

The black stripes and spots are called the frit. During installation, the frit is a bonding point between the glass itself and the frame of a car

Not every rock chip or cracked windshield can be repaired. A variety of factors influence your options, including the length of any cracks, how deep the crack is, and if the windshield contains electronics.

If you ever experience an issue with a replacement or repair we have performed, let us know, and we’ll do our best to make it right!

Yes. You’ll need to be extra cautious with your new windshield for at least a couple of days to allow the sealant and resin to cure properly

If you want to use your insurance, yes, it is required by insurance companies that you pay a deductible on your windshield replacement.